Airfare Myths

·         Since airfare is always the highest priced component of traveling, I thought I would suggest some tricks of the trade as to when the best time to buy your airline ticket is. Several times this week, I have been asked how to obtain the best deal in regards to airline tickets. Although I don’t have a crystal ball and if I did I would be buying lotto tickets instead of booking travel arrangements, I do have a few tips I can offer.

Airlines do not; I repeat do not have last minute deals anymore. It is a thing of the past. The fuller the plane gets, the higher the fuel prices are the higher you pay for your ticket. Airline prices have become the basic economics formula of supply and demand. If you add on airfare in a package you can often obtain a lower price and may also only have to pay a deposit when booking the airfare and you can pay the balance at a later.

What does this mean to you? This means that as soon as you know your dates you should go to your travel agent to find the best priced flight

Airfare can be half if not more than your entire trip cost so, the more flexible you are with dates, times and airports you are willing to go in and out of the less expensive the ticket will be.

The other disadvantage of buying your ticket late in the game is that often all the pre-assigned seats are taken. This means that you may not know where you are sitting until the day before travel and your only option may be to sit between a talker and a snorer.

I know there are rumors that if you buy it on a Tuesday that the fares can be cheaper. This is the most ridiculous one of all. You don’t need to set your alarm to run over and start checking airline websites on Tuesday at 200 PM. I have actually seen airline tickets be less expensive on the weekends. There is honestly no rhyme or reason to what day or time is best to purchase to obtain the best deal.

·         What I have seen is the fare go up in price while I am booking it. I have also seen a fare quoted for a decent price and my client thinking the price will go down, waiting until 3 weeks before departure and paying double than the original price I quoted. This all happened this past week! How awful would you feel after being quoted a price of $600.00 to go to Aruba waiting and paying $1100.00 per ticket instead?

***Lastly if you have a travel agent, I know a really amazing one…. 🙂 ask them about consolidator fares. These are fares that only travel agents can get that if bought at the right time can often save you a few hundred dollars.

I just thought I would suggest some tips since vacation season is upon us.

Happy Travels!!! 🙂


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